The Artwork & Drawings of Artist Mary Lee Adler




fine art urn sculptures

The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity. ~Seneca

Welcome to Remains to Be Seen Sculpture, a new concept in urn design: abstract geometric steel sculpture that aims to inspire people to accept the concept and reality of death as a natural consequence of birth, and to celebrate that with sculptural art they can enjoy as part of their lives.

Both general and specialty urns are artist designed and fabricated. Each urn is distinctive both as abstract geometric steel sculpture and as urn art, whether it be large enough for a family, with multiple urn compartments, small enough to hold the ashes of a beloved pet, or created especially to contain remains to be shared among family members.

To those asking the question: how best can I honor and respect my loved one? The answer is with one of the exceptional memorial urns from Remains to Be Seen Sculpture. And what about the placement of this unusual urn? Remains to Be Seen urn sculpture is urn art: table, mantel, floor or wall hung sculpture to grace your living space or your garden. The specialized sculpture can be customized to withstand varying weather conditions in an outdoor garden setting; and the abstract geometric steel sculpture of the keepsake cremation urn design complements and is enhanced by the forms and colors found in nature.

There is comfort in knowing that your own remains or those of very special loved ones rest in very special, fine art urns.