I am a London-trained sculptor with a degree in English from Vanderbilt University. When my husband Herb Hiller and I moved from Miami to Drayton Island, Florida in 1994, I continued to work as a sculptor on a small scale but took a break from showing my work in galleries and exhibitions. Since moving to DeLand, Florida,  in 2007 I returned to my work with renewed energy. I am especially excited about producing the steel vessels of Remains to Be Seen Sculpture that function as urns.

Recycled or “dropped” structural steel is the medium that remains after lengthy experimention with plaster (cast and in direct construction), fiberglass and resin (again, cast and in construction but rejected for its toxicity and non-biodegradability), carved wood and stone, cast bronze, and wood constructions.  Steel survives years of investigation because of the boundaries it imposes, the discipline it forces, the heat/noise/weight of it, and the fact that as well as recycled it is also ultimately biodegradable.

At work in the shop.

Long cables allow me to work outside when the piece is too tall for my small studio.

About the Artist

“The idea is to die young as late as possible.” ~Ashley Montagu

Mary Lee Adler