One event we all share: the end of life.  Accept it, and it can be met with thought and preparation.  Fine art urns present an opportunity to move away from  “the box at the back of the closet” or traditional urn imagery freighted with sadness and generally limited in design.  Your choice may allow considerable control over your future and allow you to enjoy this significant art.  The choice of an urn from Remains to Be Seen Sculpture can show your love and respect for someone else–a relative, friend or cherished animal.

This work concerns itself with relationships: between geometric forms, between the steel and its organization, between people, between the viewer and the work.  The number 10 appears in most of the work and brings another range of relationships and symbolism: between one and zero, the male and the female, the beginning and the end, as well as the entire vocabulary of computer programming.  Significantly, it is the number representing completion of journeys and returns to origins.  

Within this concern for relationships lies the possibility of multiple compartments, a columbarium of sorts, where the relationships between family members or friends need not  be broken.

Urn Sculptures in studio by Fine Artist Mary Lee Adler

Work in progress.


Finished Urn Sculpture

Finished piece

A man's dying is more the survivors' affair than his own. ~Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain